The Most Terrifying Clown of all Time: A Look at AHS:FS’s Twisty the Clown

Back in September, American Horror Story creator, Ryan Murphy, shared a picture of Twisty the Clown and claimed to have created the most terrifying clown ever.


Take a moment to look him over. He definitely not someone you would want to meet in a dark alleyway. His dirty clothes and his bag of tricks, they add to it. But the part that puts it over the edge is his face. Look at it.

Now if you’ve been watching, you know that Twisty is a kidnapper and a murderer as well. That adds to his creepiness, along with his actions throughout the first few episodes. Episode 4 though, gets us behind the mask so to speak (and episode 2 literally did). I’m shocked though at his death. Twisty was honestly one of the few things I was looking forward to this season. It looks like Dandy is going to carry on his legacy, and while he is a little creepy it’s not the same. Twisty’s backstory added a lot of depth to his character, and made him more interesting.
***end spoilers***

While he is definitely a terrifying clown, I don’t think Twisty quite lives up to the hype created by Ryan Murphy. What do you think?


Foreign Horror Friday: Marebito

Title: Marebito
Release: 2004
Director: Takashi Shimizu
Language: Japanese

Masuoka carries his camera with him no matter where he goes. He witnesses an event in the subway that sparks an interest in fear for him, He then finds a passage to an underground labyrinth inhabited by inhuman creatures.

Andrew Migliore and John Strysik say it perfectly in their book ‘Lurker in the Lobby: A Guide to the Cinema of H.P. Lovecraft,’ “Marebito is a very good film that wears its influences proudly, without suffocating in their embrace. It’s neither an adaptation nor an homage, but it swells with inspiration from Lovecraft’s work. It’s unconventional, free from cliché, and redolent with sinister insinuations that never become clear. You know them only by their shadows.”

Marebito is a thought provoking, mysterious psychological film. It plays with themes of fear and sanity. If you’re fine with English subs, or are fluent in Japanese I highly recommend this film.

Ten Years Ago: 2004 in Horror

Tomorrow Saw returns to theaters for it’s 10 year anniversary. This got me thinking about what else has been out for 10 years, and there are some big movies celebrating 10 years this year. Here are a few, and the impact they have had on the genre.

Saw: since the first film, it continued to release a new film every Halloween season for seven years. (A trend later picked up by Paranormal Activity). Saw was directed by James Wan, who along with a few other directors (collectively deemed the Splat Pack) brought a grittier, gorier type of horror to the masses.

The Grudge: a personal favorite of mine, this continued the wave of American remakes of foreign horror movies, and paved the way for many more. A great ghost story to watch late at night, I recommend checking out the original Japanese series as well.

Shaun of the Dead: some wonderful horror-comedy. I would say this was around the beginning of the current zombie craze everyone has been in. It has some great references in it, and is always good for a laugh.

Dawn of the Dead (remake): a good remake of a classic zombie film. This along with the last entry and a few others brought zombies back as a horror staple. (Not to mention the great rendition of ‘Down with the Sickness’)

These are just some of the great horror films that came out in 2004. There is another that I really enjoyed that I will got into detail with tomorrow. What do you think, was 2004 a good year for horror?

31, Rob Zombie’s Latest Venture into Horror

Most people tend to have mixed feelings on Mr. Zombie’s films. I myself have been a fan since I first saw House of 1000 Corpses over ten years ago, but it is understandable how some people can feel differently. From the remakes of the beloved Halloween films, to the dark and gritty style he implements in his story telling, his movies are not for everyone. With his latest film ’31’ he knew this, and to stay true to the story he wanted to tell, he has turned to his fans instead of a studio. Rob Zombie is crowdfunding this film, with over 5,000 backers already. There is some more sweet rewards that you can get by giving, though some are already ‘sold out’. Check out the site for a brief synopsis, some artwork (some NSFW), to give to the cause and check out the rewards.

Onto the movie though, ’31’ tells the story of five individuals kidnapped on the the says leading up ro Halloween. They’re held captive in a place known as Murder World where they must fight for their lives against the resident beings, an evil group of murderous clowns known as “the heads”. Zombie promises the movie to be a fast paced, in your face nasty, violent and just plain weird movie. And to be honest, I can’t wait. Rob Zombie has be known to push the envelope, and with no studio to answer to, I think ’31’ is going to be a brutal film that lets us peek inside the dark and twisted mind of it’s creator.


If you’ve read my about me, you know that I’m from Pittsburgh and that the Romero films have a special place in my heart. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw earlier this month that George’s son is working to make Origins, a prequel to Night of the Living Dead. It has already gotten support of several businesses. They are crowd sourcing the film through, looking for $150,000 for pre-production. They’re still far from their goal, so any contribution helps. There are perks given for varying levels of donation. These include your typical swag and signed merchandise by Cameron Romero. For anyone with a few hundred dollars sitting around, you can get 2 tickets to the premier or a severed limb signed by Cameron and the cast. If you have $10,000 to spare, you can be a zombie in the film.

Crowd funding is becoming a bigger option in the movie industry as of late, especially for horror films. It can be a nice and easy way to get items to add to a collection. What are your thoughts on Origins, and crowdfunding in general?

Saw Returns to Theaters

Tomorrow marks the 10 year anniversary of the original Saw film, and to mark this occassion it is getting another run in the theaters for a week starting Friday, October 31st.  This will be the first time a Saw film has been in theaters since the final installment came out in 2010.  Some fans are hopeful that this could mean more for the franchise, though nothing has been confirmed by Lionsgate.  Rumors are circulating of another installment being in the works, though we will have to wait and see.  This event would be perfect to build hype and bring the series to everyone’s attention again before a big announcement.  Though this may turn out to be a new boxset or similar item rather than another film.  Only time will tell, and either way, fans will enjoy the experience of going to a saw film on Halloween once again.

What are your thoughts?  Will the Saw franchise follow the often followed path of a new release after it’s announced final film? Or merely a new package in an anniversary box set? Do you plan to see it in theaters again?

While the weekend has come and gone, Lionsgate got a nasty little surprise than the treat they were expecting. Saw’s return to theaters was a complete and utter flop. Over the weekend, the rereleased grossed a mere $650,000. That makes it the 3rd worst opening weekend in history for a film showing in over 2,000 theaters.

Walking Dead Complete Season 4 DVD boxset

The other day I was browsing the movie section of my local walmart with my wife.  We were hoping to find the new Halloween boxset (we didn’t) but did stumble upon the walmart exclusive “The Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season” DVD boxset for $39.96.  With both of us as huge TWD fans we had to get it.  It comes with a ‘Limited Edition West Georgia Correctional Facility Prison Key,’ a neat little item to add to our collection.  The box itself is nice, with a magnetic flap to hold it shut, a compartment to display the key, and room for the two DVD cases.  The box also has some nice artwork from Alex Ross on it.

To be honest, the key and decent price (50% off suggested retail) was enough to get us to buy it.  We haven’t had the chance to check everything out on it (there’s 600 minutes run time) but there are some decent bonus features including extended episodes, deleted scenes, commentaries and some cool behind the scene featurettes.  It is a nice alternative to the other Twd season 4 boxset that is still sitting around $85 for the budget conscience.