Walking Dead Complete Season 4 DVD boxset

The other day I was browsing the movie section of my local walmart with my wife.  We were hoping to find the new Halloween boxset (we didn’t) but did stumble upon the walmart exclusive “The Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season” DVD boxset for $39.96.  With both of us as huge TWD fans we had to get it.  It comes with a ‘Limited Edition West Georgia Correctional Facility Prison Key,’ a neat little item to add to our collection.  The box itself is nice, with a magnetic flap to hold it shut, a compartment to display the key, and room for the two DVD cases.  The box also has some nice artwork from Alex Ross on it.

To be honest, the key and decent price (50% off suggested retail) was enough to get us to buy it.  We haven’t had the chance to check everything out on it (there’s 600 minutes run time) but there are some decent bonus features including extended episodes, deleted scenes, commentaries and some cool behind the scene featurettes.  It is a nice alternative to the other Twd season 4 boxset that is still sitting around $85 for the budget conscience.



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