31, Rob Zombie’s Latest Venture into Horror

Most people tend to have mixed feelings on Mr. Zombie’s films. I myself have been a fan since I first saw House of 1000 Corpses over ten years ago, but it is understandable how some people can feel differently. From the remakes of the beloved Halloween films, to the dark and gritty style he implements in his story telling, his movies are not for everyone. With his latest film ’31’ he knew this, and to stay true to the story he wanted to tell, he has turned to his fans instead of a studio. Rob Zombie is crowdfunding this film, with over 5,000 backers already. There is some more sweet rewards that you can get by giving, though some are already ‘sold out’. Check out the site http://www.fanbacked.com/c/31-rob-zombie-film/ for a brief synopsis, some artwork (some NSFW), to give to the cause and check out the rewards.

Onto the movie though, ’31’ tells the story of five individuals kidnapped on the the says leading up ro Halloween. They’re held captive in a place known as Murder World where they must fight for their lives against the resident beings, an evil group of murderous clowns known as “the heads”. Zombie promises the movie to be a fast paced, in your face nasty, violent and just plain weird movie. And to be honest, I can’t wait. Rob Zombie has be known to push the envelope, and with no studio to answer to, I think ’31’ is going to be a brutal film that lets us peek inside the dark and twisted mind of it’s creator.


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