COD: A Whole New Breed of Zombies

Activision has revealed a new game mode for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Exo Zombies. The mode will be included with the first DLC pack, Havoc to be released in January.  The DLC will be released for the Microsoft systems first, then come to Sony and PC later in the month.  I get a bit of a World War Z (the film, not the book) feel from the trailer.  Check it out here and let me know what you think.


Funko Figures


Got out of work early today and decided to stop in to Cash-In Culture near my house.  So many awesome/nostalgic things, but walked out with these two little guys.  Already had the Khal Drogo figure since he’s awesome, but these two fit with the horror collection.  Anyone else collect these little guys?

TWD: Thoughts on the Coming Mid-Season Finale

**This post contains spoilers or the latest episode and speculation of episodes to come**

Daryl and Noah rejoined Rick and the group, and they’ve laid out a plan to rescue Beth and Carol.  Daryl sided with Tyreese and his more conservative approach to rescuing them.  Is this a sign of changes that Daryl is going through, or is it because he has more at stake than anyone else? His two closest companions are in danger, and Daryl has seen how quickly things can go wrong. 

Even with the conservative approach. Things go wrong.  There is a shootout when they try to capture the cops, and Daryl nearly gets bit.  Nice use of a walker skull as a weapon though.  Then the episode ends with Sasha knocked out, and one of the cops escaping, presumably to warn the rest of the group.

Next episode is the mid season finale, so we know it is going to be intense.  Here are some thoughts on what may happen.  I think the Grady group is going to get warned from the escaped cop.  This takes sway the element of surprise that Rick and his group needed.  They’re going to walk into a trap, or atleast a prepared adversary.  Fighting will break out, and there will be a death from the major group.  I’m thinking either Beth or Carol, though it could be someone else.  They’ve spent a lot of time recently building up both characters, and viewers have grown to love both of them. 

Following this, Daryl will be inconsolable over the loss, with the added effect that if he had backed Rick, this may never have happened.  The group will be left questioning themselves and what to do next, and Rick will regain a stronger, more stable leadership role though maybe not to the level of the ‘ricktatorship’.

So what do you think? What are your predictions?

Goosebumps Going Meta in New 2015 Film

Children of the 90’s rejoice, it was announced at SDCC, that there is a new Goosbumps movie being filmed.  Directed by Rob Letterman, the new film will not follow any specific storyline from the book series.

Instead, a new kid in town accidently unleashes all of the monsters from the books, and must get help from R L Stine (played by Jack Black) to trap them again. 

From the looks of it, just about all of the monsters make at least an appearance, with Slappy the Dummy being the ringleader of the group of monsters.

The film is live action, with a mixture of cgi and special effects makeup for the monsters, and I have to say the monsters look great.  As they should since legendary special effects makeup artist Neville Page is involved.  Chech out below a little screen cap I did of some of the monsters.


You can find the gallery at Chris Hardwick’s page here.

Friday Features: Into the Dead

Friday Features is a new biweekly post that will highlight a game, book, story, project, etc. that I would like to recommend.  Mostly it will be smaller, less known pieces that I enjoy and want to help get the word out about.  If you have any recommendations for future Friday Features, or if you have a piece that you would like to be featured, contact me at the email listed on the contact page.

Title: Into the Dead
Media: Mobile Game
Developer: PikPok
Availability: Android, Apple, and Amazon App Stores
Price: Free

Into the dead is a first person action game.  With four game modes (classic, massacre, hardcore, and flashlight) it has a high playability.  You are constantly moving forward either dodging or killing zombies, utilizing weapon crates and perks to delve deeper into the ranks of the dead.  There are missions with 3 objectives each, and by completing these missions you unlock better weapons to use on your runs. 

So far ive only played on classic and massacre, but it’s pretty addicting.  It’s one of those games where you constantly want to beat your previous high score, and the leaderboard makes it more interesting as well.  You can connect through facebook to compete with your friends, and if you do, you unlock a free WWII zombie skins pack.

I highly recommend you check this game out.

AHS Freak Show: Stanley Gets His Freak

If you watch American Horror Story: Freak Show, then you know that Stanley is looking to make money by selling a freak to the museum.  The con man failed to pass off a hoax earlier in the season, but in the most recent episode of Freak Show, Stanley went after multiple of the Freaks, and succeeded in nabbing one of them.

Many of the freaks were in danger over the past few episodes, and at times I was sure that certain freaks were done for.  Freak Show kept us guessing, but in the end, Dell got his freak for Stanley to keep his sexuality a secret. The site of Ma Petite in the glass case in the museum is chilling, and many fans are upset to lose this character.  She was interesting, but didn’t really captivate me.  Let me know your thoughts about her death.

New Info on The Walking Dead Spinoff

We are still waiting to find out the story of The Walking Dead spinoff, but we do know some information on it. 

Robert Kirkman is of course involved.  Gale Ann Hurd and David Alpert are returning as executive producers.  An addition to this lineup, Dave Erickson (Sons of Anarchy) has been attached as the showrunner.  Erickson is directing the first episode, and wrote it alongside Kirkman.

The story is set to follow six main characters, detailed below:

Sean Cabrera, a Latino man in his 40’s and his rebellious son, Cody Cabrera.  Nancy Tompkins, a single mother and her two children, Nick and Ashley, who are polar opposites.  Andrea Champman rounds out the group, a divorced forty something who left the city to escape her failed marriage.

Seems like an interesting group, and will be interesting to see how they manage in comparison to Rick and his group.

As more information becomes available, I’ll keep you all updated.