Eli Roth’s Clown: No Child is Safe

What started as a fake trailer, is now going to be an actual film.  It has a release date in Italy next week, and is set to come to other locations early 2015.  Directed by Jonathan Watts, it is produced by and stars Eli Roth as the titular clown.  A man finds a clown costume and decides to wear it for his child’s birthday.  After the party he discovers that the costume is cursed, turning him into a psychotic killer clown.

The Italian poster (below) has been banned, though no reason has been given to why yet.


Also, check out the fake trailer that started it all here.

I had a recent post about how Ryan Murphy claimed Twisty the clown wouk be the most terrifying clown we’ve ever seen, but it looks like he has some stiff competition here. 


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