TWD: ‘Self Help’ the Confessions of Eugene Porter

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead focused on the group of survivors led by Abraham Ford.  If you haven’t yet seen the latest episode, the following contains spoilers.

This episode explores the backstory of Abraham Ford, and really expands on the character development.  He suffered losses and realizations that led him down a dark path, one that was only halted by meeting Eugene Porter and the hope he brought with his ‘very important mission.’

The group runs into several problems on their road to Washington.  Going through multiple vehicles, and getting banged up in the process.  The group comes to a point where everyone but Abraham wants to find an alternate route, but the leader is gung-ho about only moving forward.  There is no time to back track.  At this point, Eugene spills the beans and reveals his big secret.  He isn’t a scientist, and knows nothing of a cure.  This throws Abraham into a frenzy as he attacks Eugene.

This episode leaves us with a few questions.  Now that Abraham’s goal is gone, his sole purpose, will he fall back to the way Eugene found him, or will the group keep him going?  Will the group stick together, or was Abraham’s violent outbreak and Eugene’s lies enough to tear them apart?  And how bod are Eugene’s injuries?  Let me know what you think in the comments


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