AHS: Freak Show. Pink Cupcakes and a Shared Universe

The latest episode of American Horror Story airs tomorrow night (Wednesday),  so to get ready, here is a recap of what happened last episode.  (Contains spoilers)

Although Twisty is dead, his killing spree lives on, mask and all, through Dandy.  The episode pays homage to American Psycho, so it’s fitting that his mother Gloria is privy to his bloodlust and helps clean his mess.

At the freakshow, Elsa and Stanley argue about the future of show business, and Stanley tries to get Bette and Dot for the freak museum.  We were treated to a dream/wish sequence in which he succeeds in poisoning her, displaying her heads within the museum.

It is then revealed that Bette and Dot are safe and sound, bit for how long?  Elsa delivers her to the Mott household, home of Dandy.  More freak backstories are revealed, and the stories move on.

Creator Ryan Murphy revealed that all of the seasons exist within a shared universe, and that there are connections between all of the seasons.  It’s an interesting concept, and has a lot of fans rewatching past seasons to look for hints, clues and connections.  What do you think?


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