Foreign Horror Friday: Re-Cycle

Welcome back for another installment of Foreign Horror Friday.  Today we will be taking a look at the 2006 Hong Kong/Thai thriller Re-Cycle.  Directed by the Pang Brothers (Bangkok Dangerous, The Eye), Re-Cycle follows the story of Ting-Yin (Angelica Lee), a young author.  During a press release she explains that she will take a break from the romance novels to work on something with a supernatural twist.

She then goes home to write the first chapter of her new novel, but when she starts hearing and seeing things, she struggles with the dark place her mind has gone for her writing process.

Angelica Lee gives a good performance, working well with the Pang Brothers, who she collaborated with on The Eye as well.

The story is interesting, and a pretty unique film.  Audiences can get lost with some of the details if they do not pay close attention, which is necessary due to the sub titles. 

Overall I enjoyed the film, and recommend it to anyone who likes movies that explore concepts of parallel worlds, sanity and a heroine who must confront her personal demons.


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