AHS Freak Show: Stanley Gets His Freak

If you watch American Horror Story: Freak Show, then you know that Stanley is looking to make money by selling a freak to the museum.  The con man failed to pass off a hoax earlier in the season, but in the most recent episode of Freak Show, Stanley went after multiple of the Freaks, and succeeded in nabbing one of them.

Many of the freaks were in danger over the past few episodes, and at times I was sure that certain freaks were done for.  Freak Show kept us guessing, but in the end, Dell got his freak for Stanley to keep his sexuality a secret. The site of Ma Petite in the glass case in the museum is chilling, and many fans are upset to lose this character.  She was interesting, but didn’t really captivate me.  Let me know your thoughts about her death.


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