Goosebumps Going Meta in New 2015 Film

Children of the 90’s rejoice, it was announced at SDCC, that there is a new Goosbumps movie being filmed.  Directed by Rob Letterman, the new film will not follow any specific storyline from the book series.

Instead, a new kid in town accidently unleashes all of the monsters from the books, and must get help from R L Stine (played by Jack Black) to trap them again. 

From the looks of it, just about all of the monsters make at least an appearance, with Slappy the Dummy being the ringleader of the group of monsters.

The film is live action, with a mixture of cgi and special effects makeup for the monsters, and I have to say the monsters look great.  As they should since legendary special effects makeup artist Neville Page is involved.  Chech out below a little screen cap I did of some of the monsters.


You can find the gallery at Chris Hardwick’s page here.


2 thoughts on “Goosebumps Going Meta in New 2015 Film

  1. Goose bumps movie! Sweet! My favorite was the Mud Monster episode. Dig the site. Universal reboot all SHIT!!! Unless they do b/w cg/cartoon animation with the likeness of Lugosi, Karloff. Like the DC animated features. Maribeto is awesome! Rob Zombies best film is Devils rejects followed by Lords of Salem! Just my opinion.


    • The mud monster episode was great. I’m glad that you like the site. The universal reboot has me concerned, I have high hopes for it, but even higher standards. Some good ideas though to pay tribute to the originals. Devils rejects and house are my 2 favorites. Though I did enjoy the Halloween remakes. Lords of Salem is good, just not a favorite of mine. I hope you continue reading and enjoying the posts.


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