The Walking Dead ‘Coda’: A Fitting Swan Song?

**If you have not seen the mid season finale, this post contains spoilers! Proceed at your own discretion.**

Before we get into the part everyone one is talking about, lets touch on a few other points.

Rick is getting to be pretty ruthless this season.  As they said on The Talking Dead last night, it seems like you get one chance with Rick, he’s done with second chances.

Are we going to see new members to the group? Rick offered to take anyone from the hospital that wanted to leave.  There wasn’t really anyone I could see that would make a good addition, save possibly Noah.

I think we all had a feeling that we were going to lose a member of the group during the mid season finale.  The hints were there if you looked careful.  There is of course, the recent focus on Beth, they have built her character and fleshed out her story.  The biggest hint to me though, was the episode title.  It may not have even have meant to be a hint, but it fits pretty nicely.  Any musically inclined reader knows that a coda is a passage that brings a musical piece to an end.  A fitting title for the last episode of a character known to sing and be the only real musical presence in the show.

I enjoyed Beth’s character, she had a wonderful arc of a young woman struggling with the world she is in, and through struggle and hardship came to be a survivor in her own right.  She brought something to the show that no other character did, and it will be missed.  The events of her death unfolded in slow motion for me, I knew it was happening, helpless to watch it just as the rest of the group was.

The loss of Beth was rough, made even harder after Daryl and then Maggie’s reactions.  If you watched The Talking Dead afterwards, the in memoriam was heart wrenching as well.

What do you think is next for Rick and the group?  And what are your reactions to Beth’s death?


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