Friday Features: Into the Dead

Friday Features is a new biweekly post that will highlight a game, book, story, project, etc. that I would like to recommend.  Mostly it will be smaller, less known pieces that I enjoy and want to help get the word out about.  If you have any recommendations for future Friday Features, or if you have a piece that you would like to be featured, contact me at the email listed on the contact page.

Title: Into the Dead
Media: Mobile Game
Developer: PikPok
Availability: Android, Apple, and Amazon App Stores
Price: Free

Into the dead is a first person action game.  With four game modes (classic, massacre, hardcore, and flashlight) it has a high playability.  You are constantly moving forward either dodging or killing zombies, utilizing weapon crates and perks to delve deeper into the ranks of the dead.  There are missions with 3 objectives each, and by completing these missions you unlock better weapons to use on your runs. 

So far ive only played on classic and massacre, but it’s pretty addicting.  It’s one of those games where you constantly want to beat your previous high score, and the leaderboard makes it more interesting as well.  You can connect through facebook to compete with your friends, and if you do, you unlock a free WWII zombie skins pack.

I highly recommend you check this game out.