Review: A Fantastic Fear of Everything

Director: Chris Hopewell, Crispian Mills
Release Date: June 8 2012
Based on: Paranoia in the Launderette by Bruce Robinson
Genre: Horror Comedy
Starring: Simon Pegg
Availability: Streaming on Netflix and other sites

Summary: Children’s book author Jack (Simon Pegg) has switched genres and is working on a book about Victorian Era serial killers.  His research has left him paranoid, which is only worsened when a serial killer becomes active in his neighborhood.

Stumbled across this on Netflix last night and the wife and I decided it was worth a try.  I hadn’t heard of it, but I loved Pegg in Shaun of the Dead.  While it was an interesting story, Pegg is what really made it shine.

With the exception of a few jump scares and minor gore, the subject matter is the main component of the horror aspect.  The film is very much a comedy placed within a horror atmosphere, which Pegg excels at. 

Much of the humor comes from Jack’s paranoia and his dramatic over reactions to his fears.  He creates situations for himself that only worsens his fears and leads to more laughs for the audience.

Overall I enjoyed the film and would recommend it.


Movie Review: The Lords of Salem (2012)

Title: The Lords of Salem
Director: Rob Zombie
Release Date: September 10, 2012
Sheri Moon Zombie
Bruce Davison
Jeff Daniel Phillips
Ken Foree
Dee Wallace

I’m not sure why it took me this long to watch this, but we finally did last night.

The Lords of Salem follows Heidi (Sheri Moon Zombie), a radio DJ that receives a mysterious package that sets forth a series of events that rocks Salem.

**the review contains spoilers from here on**
Rob Zombie said that this film was his chance to really let loose, and it shows.  He didnt have the expectations or limitations to deal with that he had while doing the Halloween remakes.  With little blood and gore, Zombie achieves more of a disturbing aura for the film in place of gore or horror.

Zombie went big for this film.  At different times it’s supernatural horror, psychedelic, and operatic.  It’s a definite turn from his other work, but still has that signature Zombie feel.

My first impression of this film was that it was created as a way to put his wife into the lead role.  This is her biggest role yet, and we all know how he loves to give her parts.  She did well with it though, so I can’t really complain about that.

The story is there, and it’s an interesting one, but the film leaves you with a feeling of “what the fuck did I just watch?” and a feeling of general disturbance/uneasiness.  There is a lot in the film, and bits and pieces can be missed easily.  If you’re a fan of more psychedelic films, or a die hard Rob Zombie fan, give it a watch.  It was decent, but far from my favorite Zombie film.

And lastly, what the hell is up with Satan being a fat deformed baby monster?  Then the thing she births (antichrist?) was…interesting?  Honestly it reminded me of a giant demon crayfish.

Movie Review: Mercy (2014)

Title: Mercy
Director: Peter Cornwell
Release Date: October 7, 2014

Dylan McDermott
Chandler Riggs
Joel Courtney
Frances O’Connor
Shirley Knight

Currently available on Netflix.

Summary: A mother and her two sons take care of their sick grandmother, but her illness is more than it seems and the family discovers some dark secrets from their past.

I’m going to be honest, I hadn’t heard of this film until I saw it on Netflix, and the deciding factor for me to watch it was Chandler Riggs (Carl Crimes from The Walking Dead.). It had a decent rating on Netflix and average response elsewhere. 

The acting was good, no stand out performances though. 

The story was interesting enough, with a few twists here and there to keep the audience interested.  Set in West Virginia, it was nice to see the state portrayed as something different from the inbred back woods rednecks seen in movies like Wrong Turn.

While Mercy isn’t anything that is groundbreaking in the horror genre, if you have Netflix and are looking for a decent film to watch, I reccomend you check it out.