‘It’ Remake Finds Its Pennywise

Perhaps one of the biggest talking points for the It remakes has been who they would get to play Pennywise.  Whoever they would choose would have some large shoes to fill left by Tim Curry in the 1990 made for television adaptation.

It has been announced that the role has been cast, going to Will Poulter (The Maze Runner, We’re the Miller’s).  His work in the upcoming The Revenant caught the studio’s attention and it is said that his audition for Pennywise sealed the deal. 


Daryl Dixon Death Rumors Silenced

Fans have been worrying that Daryl Dixon’s days were numbered on The Walking Dead.  This was started with reports that actor Norman Reedus had put his Atlanta home up for sale. 

In a recent interview Reedus squashed these rumors by admitting “that’s not even my house.  It’s a rumor.” So fans can rest easy that Daryl’s death isn’t imminent, or at least as imminent as they were thinking.

The Walking Dead is set to begin filming season 6 next week and will premiere in October.  Look for the companion series Fear The Walking Dead later this summer.

Silent Hills Has Been Silenced

One of the games I’ve been looking forward to most is Silent Hills.  A collaboration between Guillermo Del Toro, Hideo Kojima, and Norman Reedus was a dream come true.  This was going to be one of the upcoming titles to convince me to make my move to the next gen consoles, but the departure of Kojima has left the project shrouded in mist.  Del Toro has noted that “it isn’t going to happen” though it looks like he was speaking of his collaboration with Kojima.  However, news that the teaser is being pulled from the PlayStation store by the end of the month does not bode well for the project. 

Konami has not made a statement on the matter though Norman Reedus posted on Twitter ” Super bummed about this was really looking forward to it. Hopefully it’ll come back around. Sorry everyone 🍕 http://t.co/drZJ8tBsSN”

Fear The Walking Dead

The companion series to The Walking Dead is on its way.  It has been contracted for two season, the first of which will air late summer 2015.  This will give us a bit of walker action until the regular series returns in October. 

Season 1 of Fear the Walking Dead will be 6 episodes like the original series.  It has also been announced that the series will not explain the origin of the zombie apocalypse. 

I’m mixed about the series right now.  It’s going to be nice having some TWD during the summer and having a shorter wait, but I am sceptical that it will live up to the original series.

Saw Returns to Theaters

Tomorrow marks the 10 year anniversary of the original Saw film, and to mark this occassion it is getting another run in the theaters for a week starting Friday, October 31st.  This will be the first time a Saw film has been in theaters since the final installment came out in 2010.  Some fans are hopeful that this could mean more for the franchise, though nothing has been confirmed by Lionsgate.  Rumors are circulating of another installment being in the works, though we will have to wait and see.  This event would be perfect to build hype and bring the series to everyone’s attention again before a big announcement.  Though this may turn out to be a new boxset or similar item rather than another film.  Only time will tell, and either way, fans will enjoy the experience of going to a saw film on Halloween once again.

What are your thoughts?  Will the Saw franchise follow the often followed path of a new release after it’s announced final film? Or merely a new package in an anniversary box set? Do you plan to see it in theaters again?

While the weekend has come and gone, Lionsgate got a nasty little surprise than the treat they were expecting. Saw’s return to theaters was a complete and utter flop. Over the weekend, the rereleased grossed a mere $650,000. That makes it the 3rd worst opening weekend in history for a film showing in over 2,000 theaters.